Saving Money on Stove Repair Services

Saving Money on Stove Repair Services – Maintenance Tips for the Stove

The kitchen is one of the most active parts of a home. Its where a lot of daily work is centered. This is why several appliances are installed inside to assist with the daily work. Among these appliances, the stove is quite important. If it fails to work properly, it can result in lots of hindrances and frustration. Although you can maximize the function and prolong the life of the stove with the help of stove maintenance. Instead of frequently calling the stove repair services, you can save plenty of money with regular maintenance of the appliance

In this article, we discuss how you can maintain the stove with personal efforts. Both the exterior and interior should be taken care of for the best results.

Exterior Maintenance of the Stove

Cleaning of the door, control panel, and stovetops is required. For the door, the front panel will be made of out of glass. It can become prone to spills and greasy touches. When the stove is completely cool, take a soft cloth to clean the panel. If the grease or other stains are too stubborn, use a degreaser.

For the control panel, all you need is a soft rag and soapy water. Gently wipe off the knobs and around them. Aggressive cleaners or rubbing can make the indicator decals to fade away so be careful.

The stove tops are the most vulnerable to cooking spills and grease. Due to excessive heat in this area, these can also be tough to be removed but should not be left. For an electric top, take a razor scraper and gently remove the large food deposits. Use a cooktop cleaner and soft pad to remove the rest of the deposits. Lastly, apply a cooktop protectant. For gas tops, use a high-performing degreaser and soft pad to clean. Avoid too much water so the holes don’t become moisture-ridden and spark during ignition. Grate cleaners can be used for the grates and burner pans.

Interior Maintenance of the Stove

If you have a self-cleaning oven, then follow the instructions that came in the product manual. For non-self-cleaning ovens, use an oven cleaner and soft rag. Spray it over the racks and broiler pan. Clean those in the sink and you may even gently scrub them. If the broiler pan is too damaged, consider changing it.

It is possible that the light bulbs inside the oven have burnt out. Following the instructions in the appliance manual, you can easily replace them.

If you regularly follow these cleaning tips, you won’t have to spend money on frequent stove repair services. However, calling a professional to look over the range once in a while is helpful to get an expert opinion and be proactive about the stove maintenance.





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